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Pyramid Solitaire

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"Pyramid Solitaire" though not so valued among lovers of solitaire, but also its fans it has. "Pyramid" - this is the easiest level of the game, more complex solitaires "Egyptian pyramids" and "The Great Pyramid" and dozens of other (in each of these solitaire rules are slightly different layout). During the game involved 52 cards (visual layout resembles a pyramid), which must be removed before a single to reach the main goal. But all is not so simple: First, each card is assigned a certain number of points (for example, ace - one of Walt - 11 lady - 12 King - 13, etc.), and secondly, you can only remove cards the amount of which is equal to 13. At your disposal is also talon.

Pyramid - one of the most popular solitaires in the world.

The main goal - completely disassemble the entire pyramid of cards.

Funny and cheerful disposition of the pyramid. Play free online.

Pyramid of Giza is the card game Solitaire pyramid in which you want...

Interesting mummy pyramid solitaire game where you have to remove the card.

The game with the name Eagle is the most easy Solitaire Pyramid.

Aztec Pyramid Solitaire is a mathematical puzzle where you have a combination of the cards arithmetic.

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