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"Klondike Solitaire" the engineer came up with the Microsoft Wes Cherry in 1989. Since then, the popularity of this pasyansnoy game is at its peak. Its essence is to "remove" all card layouts in 4 stacks. So, before the player layout consisting of four stacks (maps are automatically placed in a random order). Your task - to put them in ascending order (ace, king ...), alternating with the suit (black, red, etc.) moves only the upper card row. You can also use the card for one located in the upper left corner. And, of course, the faster you build a stack, the better. You can complicate the rules, for example, playing for a while, or counting points.

Play Solitaire online with the distribution of three additional cards.

You have to put all 52 cards, but it needs to turn the brain to think.

If you want to play in the good old Solitaire? Ok, go play online!

You have to aces in ascending order put all other cards from deuce suited to the king.

Free Klondike Solitaire - a game that has a fairly simple rules.

A good option complication chances of victory in the popular solitaire.

Klondike master is likely to appeal to fans of traditional patience.

A new kind of competition in the layout of cards are now on the Internet.

Card game Lady Jane Solitaire is a classic solitaire only two decks of cards.

Unusual Samurai Solitaire Ronin, a copy of Russian patience.

Unlike the original version only in the fact that before you initially will have 10 card stacks.

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