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The origins of the game "Freecell" can be found as far back as 1968, but never theless its inventor credited with the invention Olfillu Paul, who translated it into a programming language in 1978. Since then, the army of fans "Solitaire" is growing. Solitaire fairly trivial task - to lay down all the cards in the alignment order from Ace to King. Note that each of the decks should only accommodate a card of the suit. In addition, it clings card for the card only if it is less seniority, and even different from the color of her (this principle and has served as the main stimulus to the title of solitaire). At your disposal are also a few free cells intended for temporary storage cards that "as long as you interfere". Emotional heat contributes also the fact that the time to end the game need to invest in the time limit of 10 minutes.

Classic FreeCell Solitaire is still popular among fans of card games.

Lay out all the cards in Solitaire FreeCell.

Fifteen minutes is necessary to collect all the cards.

This tapeworm many as eight free cells, which greatly facilitates the assembly

The game FreeCell FreeCell or this time in a more complex form.

The game is fairly straightforward for solitaire lovers.

Online solitaire game for fans of card games.

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