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Solitaires - one of the oldest human entertainment. They are considered the same age cards that, according to various opinions have appeared in ancient Egypt, where, thanks to Roma, came to Europe around the 14th century! It was during this period, and "born" the first solitaires. For example, some ethnographers claim that their invention - the work of the French mathematician Pelisson, who wants to entertain King Louis XIV. Others - that they came up with the French noblemen, serving time in the chambers of the Bastille. But today it is not so important. What is more important - solitaire able to give great pleasure to anyone who wants to meet them. Translated from the French (which once again points to the French roots), the word "patience" is translated as patience, and this is not surprising, because any kind of remarkable pasyansnoy game requires patience. But that's all the buzz! What could be nicer than to abandon this vain world and immerse oneself in the wonderful world of solitaire ... On PlaySolitaireOnline.net you will find a huge selection of different solitaire games, from the most popular to almost unknown but no less exciting. Enjoy.

Popular Games

If you want to play in the good old Solitaire? Ok, go play online!

Play at different levels of difficulty, choose to play 1, 2 or 4 suits.

Lay out all the cards in Solitaire FreeCell. Play free online.

Simplified version of the game known to many. 2 suits, play online.

A good option complication chances of victory in the popular solitaire.

Is easy and enjoyable to learn. At the heart of the game is familiar to many...

In this game Spider Solitaire 4 suits there is no music, allowing you to focus.

Solitaire like Windows - it is an exact copy of the game installed for each PC.

Card game Spider Solitaire: select the desired level and forward.

Play Solitaire online Kovrik can be on our website. Game for lovers of gambling.

Play Solitaire online with the distribution of three additional cards.

Classic FreeCell Solitaire is still popular among fans of card games.

Pyramid - one of the most popular solitaires in the world.

Game combines elements of solitaire and golf course with a lot of bonuses.

On page, choose the game immediately suggested ten different solitaire variants.

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